Queensland Government

The following information is available from our agency to give the community greater access to information as a part of the Right to Information Act 2009.

Our services

  • We provide advice on how to make a complaint about councillor conduct. See how to make a complaint.
  • We assess all complaints received. Read more about the complaints process.
  • We refer misconduct matters to the Councillor Conduct Tribunal (CCT) for hearing and may prosecute in the Magistrates Court. Read about the CCT and prosecution process.
  • We provide education and training for councillors to help them avoid being the subject of a complaint. See the resources for councillors.
  • We produce a quarterly report on the management and outcome of councillor conduct complaints. View our Insight publication.

Our priorities

The OIA’s strategic plan highlights the OIA’s objectives, strategies and performance indicators.

Our decisions

The OIA is subject to a range of accountability mechanisms.

The OIA reports to Queensland’s Minister for Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs on its efficiency, transparency and effectiveness. The Minister is also responsible for the allocation of the OIA budget.

The OIA is headed by the Independent Assessor and supported by a Deputy Independent Assessor. They set corporate policy and strategic direction and have primary oversight responsibility for budget, performance and risk management.

Read how the OIA assesses complaints here.

OIA decisions are subject to review.

Our policies