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Local Government Bulletins

Commonwealth Policy for Land Affected by Unexploded Ordnance


This purpose of this Bulletin is to inform local governments about an amended Commonwealth policy for land affected by unexploded ordnance.


In 2015, the Department of Defence commenced a comprehensive review of the Commonwealth policy for land affected by unexploded ordnance.


As a result of this review, an amended Commonwealth Policy on the Management of Land in Australia Affected by Unexploded Ordnance dated 1 February 2018, was issued by Commonwealth Department of Defence.

As there are many areas throughout Queensland, including land managed or maintained by a local government that may be subject to residual unexploded ordnance contamination, it is important local governments are aware of the amended policy and where necessary, affected local governments are encouraged to liaise closely with the Department of Defence to ensure the safe management of affected areas.

Further Information

Further information about the Commonwealth policy and management of land that may be subject to unexploded ordnance contamination visit the Department of Defence website at

Last updated: Monday, Nov 30, 2020