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Local Government Bulletins

Illustrative general purpose financial statements for 2017–18 (Tropical)


This bulletin is to advise local governments that a set of illustrative general purpose financial statements for Queensland councils (Tropical) for the year ending 30 June 2018 is available on the Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affair’s website. This bulletin also notifies local governments about the changes to this year’s Tropical.

Tropical can be found here (PDF icon 1.7 MB).

These statements are illustrative only. Local governments should make their own judgements, based on relevance and materiality, on what should and should not be included in their financial statements.

Also on the website, and included in Tropical,  are the ‘prescribed forms’ required under the City of Brisbane Regulation 2012 and the Local Government Regulation 2012, i.e. the certificate given by the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer of each council in relation to the general purpose financial statements (consolidated and non-consolidated), and the certificates in relation to the current year financial sustainability statement and long-term financial sustainability statement.


Local governments are required to prepare audited annual financial statements that comply with local government legislation and the Australian Accounting Standards.

To assist local governments, the Department prepares a set of illustrative annual financial statements each year. These statements are commonly referred to as ‘Tropical’, and are updated each year to reflect new and amended Australian Accounting Standards and other relevant legislative requirements.

Applicable legislation

Communication and training

A series of information sessions were held throughout Queensland in March 2018.

The purpose of these sessions was to:

  • assist councils to use this year's Tropical
  • provide finance officers with an understanding of changes to Australian Accounting Standard requirements
  • alert officers to relevant audit issues, including those raised in the 2016–17 audit of local government financial statements.

Changes to Tropical in 2017–18

The changes made in Tropical for 2017–18 include changes from new or changed Australian Accounting Standards. All changes are identified by orange coloured shading. This feature is designed to assist local governments to quickly identify those changes that are relevant.

Summary of major changes

Amendments include:

  • updated disclosure regarding the application of new and amended Australian Accounting Standards (Note 1.D)
  • a new superannuation note (note 29)
  • comparative figures for related party disclosures (note 39)
  • disclosure of changes in liabilities arising from financing activities (note 32).

Further Information

Any further enquiries on this matter should be addressed to:

Mrs Samantha Cieslar
Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs
PO Box 15009
City East
Brisbane QLD 4002
P: (07) 3562 6721

Last updated: Monday, Nov 30, 2020