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Recruiting for diversity

Recruitment processes can be the first barrier to attracting staff from diverse backgrounds.

Making some simple changes to your organisation’s existing recruitment practices can help attract candidates from diverse backgrounds, and give your organisation a wider talent pool.

We suggest you consider the 10 strategies found in this useful document as a starting point.

Retaining organisational diversity

Here are some great examples of ways some businesses have made their workplaces comfortable and welcoming to diverse staff – and therefore improved the retention of diverse staff:

  • Making diversity and inclusion policies more visible to employees as a reminder of company values
  • Providing facilities that accommodate the cultural and religious needs of staff such as prayer or quiet rooms
  • Having culturally responsive workplace policies that include cultural leave for significant cultural events
  • Ensuring there are open communication channels for staff to feel secure in the knowledge that their opinions are valued and that they will be listened and responded too
  • Being flexible to allow staff to meet familial, cultural or religious obligations
  • Creating a culture that celebrates diversity through internal and external events.

Put this into practice

You can take steps to improve the retention of culturally diverse staff from the moment a new starter commences in your organisation.

A simple way you can do this is by including the Multicultural Queensland Charter (Charter) in the induction process – for example, add a copy of the Charter into your existing online induction or new starter kits. Not only will it help make new staff from culturally diverse backgrounds feel welcome, but it will send a clear message to all new staff that your organisation has a culture of inclusion and diversity.

The content in this section is intended as a guide only and was prepared with the assistance of Cultural Perspectives Pty Ltd.