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To successfully lead change towards a more diverse and inclusive culture within an organisation, it is essential that the whole organisation, including the leadership team, is on board.

Promoting the business case for cultural diversity is a key way to garner support and commitment from executive and management teams within an organisation. The economic value of cultural diversity and inclusion is undeniable and makes sound business sense.

You can also identify ways your organisation can participate in key multicultural events. Participation in these events can be promoted to executive and management teams as an opportunity to:

  • demonstrate their internal recognition of diversity and commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace
  • present the organisation in the best light externally.

Key multicultural events and activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Participating in or hosting activities during Multicultural Queensland Month in August each year
  • Signing up your organisation for the Racism it Stops With Me campaign run by the Australian Human Rights Commission
  • Identifying key awareness days or weeks, or different cultural celebrations, that reflect the diversity of your workforce, and engage with your workforce to identify the best way to celebrate and recognise these occasions
  • Registering your organisation to host a ‘Taste of Harmony’ morning tea where workers are encouraged to bring food that represents their cultural background, and the organisation celebrates the workplace’s cultural diversity.

Participation in these events is a way the whole organisation can recognise and celebrate its cultural diversity, and contribute to creating a more inclusive workplace.

The content in this section is intended as a guide only and was prepared with the assistance of Cultural Perspectives Pty Ltd.