Queensland Government

This section includes topics to assist your organisation to understand how to market to and engage with audiences from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; and promote your organisation as inclusive and diverse by attracting and retaining clients and staff from diverse backgrounds.

What you can do

  • understand your client or potential client base and their communication needs
  • assess your products/services against these needs
  • discuss/research approaches to communicate with and market to diverse audiences
  • develop a communications and marketing strategy.

Data and insights

Use data to drive your understanding of the people and communities you would like to reach. Useful engagement and educational information can be accessed through the Search Diversity Queensland tool; Multicultural Diversity Figures Report; ABS 2016 Census; the Department of Social Services settlement services data; and your own market research.

Language services

Language services can be defined as the measures taken to assist people who have limited ability to communicate in English (Department of Social Services, 2013). It is important to consider your organisation’s language services policy in developing your communications and marketing strategy for diverse audiences.

Interpreting and Translating resources

The content in this section is intended as a guide only and was prepared with the assistance of Cultural Perspectives Pty Ltd.