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Recognising migrant and refugee skills – A report by Deloitte

Migrant and refugee skills $250 million boost to Queensland

A landmark report released in November 2018 found the Queensland economy could benefit from a boost of $250 million in the next 10 years, if the skills and experience of people who are migrants and refugees are recognised.

Multicultural Affairs Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said the Deloitte Access Economics report, Seizing the Opportunity: Making the Most of the Skills and Experience of Migrants and Refugees, was a call to action for government, industry and community.

“The report shows almost 50 per cent of all skilled migrants are not using their skills or experience they gained before arriving in Australia.

“In Queensland alone, this could add $250 million to the State’s economy over the next decade."

Mr Hinchliffe said the Deloitte report contains the first hard evidence of the potential cost to the Queensland economy, including the more than 6,200 skilled migrants and refugees who have qualifications which align with current skill shortages.

“Having employment where your experience and knowledge is valued and your contribution is appreciated is often one of the first opportunities to feel a part of the community, to feel like you belong," he said.

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Last updated: Monday, Nov 30, 2020