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UnitingCare Queensland – Brent McCracken, Group Executive, Child & Family Services

Why did your organisation decide to join the program?

UnitingCare employs over 16,000 people and connects with a large proportion of the Queensland population each year. UnitingCare aims to embrace and reflect the rich diversity of the Queensland population, the Ambassador program was a natural fit with our own ambitions.

What have you enjoyed most about the Ambassador program?

The program has provided a great opportunity to hear from and be inspired by other organisations that are heading in a similar direction to ourselves. Hearing from them about their approaches to building a more cultural connected organisation has assisted us in shaping our thinking and approach.

How does diversity benefit your business/organisation?

We are a big people business, connecting into many aspects of Queensland life through our hospitals, aged care, disability, family and children and Lifeline services. The program has supported our efforts to better understand and connect with the diversity of the Queensland population.

What are some practical ways your organisation is bringing Multicultural Charter to life?

One of our key activities has been our regular information session for staff on different cultures. It’s an opportunity to hear directly from someone about their culture, history, traditions, food, religion, interests and their family life. The sessions have been very popular and have stimulated a great interest in diversity.

Last updated: Monday, Nov 30, 2020