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Randstad – Kerry McQuillan, General Manager – Director Diversity and Inclusion

Why did your organisation decide to join the program?

At Randstad Australia, we believe that having a combination of diverse views and an environment of inclusion benefit our business, our customers and our community. We do this to help create opportunities, innovation and belonging for all. With this in mind, Randstad saw that becoming part of this program meant we could show our support to multiculturalism and share stories and success with like-minded organisations.

What have you enjoyed most about the Ambassador program?

I have found the connections to others has been really enjoyable, talking to organisations and sharing stories and ideas that have helped me implement initiatives internally has been a great help. I was also asked by one of my fellow ambassadors Jason Steinberg from GHD to take part in a panel discussion at the BiiG Conference for Queensland Government discussing - Keeping the Common Interest Common. It was a great event and I really enjoyed being able to talk about being an ambassador and my role at Randstad.

How does diversity benefit your business/organisation?

Inclusion and Diversity for Randstad means we are able to create a culture that enhances innovation, diversity of thought and ideas and creates a great service to our candidates and clients. Internally Randstad values diversity and recognizes differences between people and acknowledges that these differences are a valued asset.

As the world’s number 1 recruitment agency Randstad supports many different industries and companies, Randstad has to be as diverse as the companies and communities we work in. Our candidates are diverse and we need to be able to have an understanding of their needs, backgrounds and be able to relate to them to make sure they get the most inclusive of experiences and the best job outcome for them.

Last updated: Monday, Nov 30, 2020