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Commonwealth Bank – Hass Mustafa OAM, General Manager, Multicultural Community Banking Australia

Why did your organisation decide to join the program?

My organisation decided to join the program because diversity and inclusion is an integral part of our culture, values and the way we do business – it’s part of our DNA.

CBA is committed to creating a very diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects the communities that we serve. CBA as the largest financial Services provider in Australia and one of the Largest corporates is striving to take a leading position in promoting the benefits of Multiculturalism in Australia and cross pollinate identified best practises from the Ambassador program.

What have you enjoyed most about the Ambassador program?

I have enjoyed learning about specific initiatives that other workplaces are Implementing in their work places to promote very culturally diverse and inclusive work places. I also have enjoyed hearing about people’s personal stories and journeys.

How does diversity benefit your business/organisation?

We aim to create an inclusive workplace that reflects the communities where we operate which is essential to listening and responding to the needs of customers. We also strive to create a culture where everyone belongs because of their uniqueness – a place where “You can be You” to do the best you can every day.

What are some practical ways your organisation is bringing Multicultural Charter to life?

Given that Commonwealth Bank banks four out of every ten Australian banking customers who were born overseas, we are committed to ensuring that our leadership matches the cultural diversity of the Australian population, which is why our board has set a target for our leaders to reflect this diversity by 2020.

Establishment of Multicultural Community Banking Division, which I am leading that is responding to the unique needs of Multicultural Communities and promoting social cohesion and financial inclusion in our society.

Last updated: Monday, Nov 30, 2020