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SAP sponsorship workshop – sharing corporate expertise with community organisations


SAP is a global technology company specialising in enterprise application software. They joined the Ambassador Program in October 2017 to embrace the principles of the Multicultural Queensland Charter within their organisation.


Working together, SAP and the Ambassador Program team identified an opportunity for SAP to share their expertise in the area of corporate sponsorship with cultural organisations wanting to build their capability and improve their chances of success.


On Wednesday 27 November 2019, SAP facilitated a workshop at their Brisbane office presented by Bec Fullbrook-Browne (SAP’s nominated Ambassador Program Representative) tailored for other Ambassador Program organisations from the multicultural sector.

The interactive, half-day workshop presented some key principles around how to approach corporate organisations for sponsorship, including selecting the right person, timing and language; being aware that social and environmental issues play a part in the way organisations plan for the future; and tips for pitching a proposal. As well as providing useful information and resources to participants, the workshop created a platform to share previous experiences and prior learning with each other.

The workshop design was informed partly by the sector participants and in the lead up to the event they were asked for advice on what areas of sponsorship they particularly wanted to learn about. They were also asked to complete some simple pre-workshop activities to ensure the event was as practical and relevant as possible.


By sharing their corporate expertise and perspective, along with useful tools that would lead to better articulated and targeted sponsorship requests, SAP increased the business capability of cultural organisations who support Queenslanders from diverse backgrounds. With additional skills to open doors to alternate funding and partnership sources, these not-for-profit organisations may find new avenues of support for the important programs they run to support migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and promote diversity and inclusion.

When asked at the end of the workshop what they found valuable, participants offered the following:

‘Creating my pitch and learning more about the importance of understanding the company you are approaching rather than just asking and being one-sided.’


‘A well structured and presented workshop. Good tips on how to approach sponsors.’

Last updated: Monday, Nov 30, 2020