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‘Our story, our future’ is the Queensland Government’s Multicultural Policy (PDF icon 2.8 MB) Multicultural Policy (Word icon 289 KB), promoting an inclusive, harmonious and united Queensland.

The Multicultural Policy focuses Queensland Government action over three years (2016–17 to 2018–19) for people from culturally diverse backgrounds and for Queensland as a whole across the following 3 priorities:

  1. achieving culturally responsive government
  2. supporting inclusive, harmonious and united communities
  3. improving economic opportunities.

By focusing on these priorities, the Queensland Government will support equality of opportunity for all Queenslanders, and harness the remarkable benefits cultural diversity offers.

Together with its three-year Multicultural Action Plan (PDF icon 3.1 MB) Multicultural Action Plan (doc icon 380 KB) (the plan), the policy drives Queensland Government action to build an environment of opportunity and achieve improved social and economic outcomes for people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

The policy and its action plan are the first under the Multicultural Recognition Act 2016. After three years, the Minister for Multicultural Affairs must report to Parliament on progress towards multicultural policy outcomes and a plan must be prepared at least every three years.

Note: Minor editorial updates have been made to the policy and action plan to reflect 2016 Census data, current agency responsibilities following machinery-of-government changes and current Ministerial portfolios following the 2017 State Election. The action plan has been updated to list current agency responsibilities against each action and updated timeframes for delivery of actions, including marking actions as complete where appropriate.

Public reporting on action plan

The Act also requires all government agencies to report publicly on their actions in the plan and provide a summary of their progress every year. This allows the community to track how the government is achieving positive change, and provides a picture of where we need to make changes to investment or services.

Read the government agencies’ 2017–2018 reports on the Multicultural Action Plan below.

2017–18 agency reports

Government agencies' 2016-17 reports on the Multicultural Action Plan can be made available on request of the respective agencies.