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Local government employees have a responsibility to act legally and ethically in carrying out their local government responsibilities. They must carry out their local government duties in a way that complies with the principles outlined in the Local Government Act 2009 or the City of Brisbane Act 2010 and is consistent with their local government's code of conduct.


If you have a complaint about the conduct of a local government employee you should contact the local government in which that person is employed. You should provide clear information about the reason for your complaint, including who was involved, what happened, and when and where (time, date and place) it happened. You should also, where possible, include evidence to support your complaint.

Investigation of complaints

Investigation of complaints relating to the conduct of council staff is the responsibility of the local government's chief executive officer who may delegate that responsibility to another officer.

Disciplinary action

If it is established that a council employee has failed to perform their responsibilities or acted in a way that is not consistent with the local government principles, the chief executive officer may take disciplinary action.