As a councillor, you must declare all your financial and non-financial interests, including the interests of persons related to you (including your spouse, dependent children or anyone whose affairs are so closely connected with yours that you could share any benefits they receive).

Each local government's chief executive officer must keep a register of the interests of each councillor and their related persons.

You must ensure that the registers of interests for you and your related persons are accurate and up-to-date at all times.

A councillor who fails to update any of the registers of interests for themselves or their related persons may be guilty of an offence which carries a maximum penalty of 100 penalty units fine and disqualification from holding office as a councillor for four years.

You should use these forms approved by the Director-General of the department to register your interests and those of your related persons.

Any member of the public can inspect councillors' registers of interest at the local government office or on the local government's website - see the local government directory.

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