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Our story, our future (PDF, 1.9 MB) is the Queensland Government’s Multicultural Policy (the Policy) promoting an inclusive, harmonious and united community for Queensland.

The Policy focuses on three priorities for culturally diverse communities and Queensland as a whole:

  • achieving culturally responsive government
  • supporting inclusive, harmonious and united communities
  • improving economic opportunities.

It is being implemented through three-yearly Multicultural Action Plans. The first Multicultural Action Plan (PDF, 3MB) spanned 2016–17 to 2018–19. The second Multicultural Action Plan (PDF, 0.4MB) spans 2019–20 to 2021–22.

The department had responsibility for reporting progress on the following actions in the first Multicultural Action Plan:

  • Establish a panel of training providers to better support the cultural capability of organisations.
  • Deliver on the Public Service Commission 2022 foundation non-English speaking background diversity targets for the Queensland public sector.
  • Provide training to address unconscious bias and other barriers in recruitment and selection.
  • Participate in migrant work experience programs, such as the Work and Welcome program.
  • Actively support improved outcomes for refugees and people seeking asylum by working with Government and non-Government partners to improve settlement outcomes.
  • Support opportunities through multicultural grants funding, which foster stronger connections between migrant and refugee communities and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
  • Partner with Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships to increase recognition and respect across culturally diverse communities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and culture, build Queensland’s story of inclusion and ensure our communities are connected and resilient.
  • Deliver the Multicultural Queensland Ambassador Program to engage businesses, organisations and Local Governments on practical ways to adopt and implement the Multicultural Queensland Charter.
  • Promote and celebrate Queensland’s multicultural identity and increase awareness of the benefits of multiculturalism through the Celebrating Multicultural Queensland grants program.
  • Support social connectedness and foster intercultural activities through our investment in the Community Action for a Multicultural Society program and projects.

The department's annual report (PDF, 227KB) outlines activities undertaken and actions delivered for the 2018–2019 period.

The department has responsibility for reporting progress on these actions under the second Multicultural Action Plan:

  • Develop an interactive online resource on Queensland demographic and diversity data.
  • Administer the Asylum Seeker and Refugee Assistance program responding to the needs of vulnerable refugees and people seeking asylum on temporary visas.
  • Support opportunities to foster stronger connections between migrant and refugee communities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
  • Work with organisations through the Multicultural Queensland Ambassador Program to apply the Multicultural Queensland Charter to their business practices and support Queenslanders from culturally diverse backgrounds in practical ways.
  • Work together to address the findings of the Deloitte Access Economics report Seizing the opportunity: Making the most of the skills and experience of migrants and refugees. (Joint action between DESBT, Jobs Queensland, Trade and Investment Queensland and DLGRMA)/
  • Enable future local government grant programs to support training and employment opportunities for people from culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • Provide pathways to employment in the Queensland Public Sector for migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum, such as through work experience, internships or targeted recruitment.
  • Commit to increasing all forms of diversity on Queensland Government boards.
  • Increase cultural understanding and capability of staff by providing access to events, training and development opportunities through the following sub-actions:
    • Provide access to training and other resources to support agency staff to adopt best practice narrative about diversity and inclusion.
    • Include the Words that Work training program in leadership and management capability development program.
    • Sign up to and actively encourage staff participation in the Special Broadcasting Service Cultural Competence Program.
  • Promote the Multicultural Queensland Charter to government agency staff and consider its principles when developing policies or providing services through the following sub-actions:
    • Include information about the Multicultural Queensland Charter and its application in induction materials and programs across the agency.
    • Showcase exemplary Multicultural Queensland Charter in action stories from business units across the agency at workforce engagement events (such as all staff forums) and through internal communication channels (such as Director-General e-newsletters).
    • Review and embed Multicultural Queensland Charter principles into Human Resources policies and procedures.
  • Include reference to the legislative responsibilities regarding the Multicultural Queensland Charter in performance agreements of the Executive Leadership Team.
  • Promote and share stories and images through public and internal communication channels to lead respectful and inclusive narratives about diversity.
  • Sign up and participate in the Australian Human Rights Commission Racism. It stops with me campaign.
  • Promote the agency’s participation in the Australian Human Rights Commission Racism. It stops with me campaign through internal and external communication channels.